Focus is a unique combination of reporting, management, and accreditation data collection tools that handle everything from reporting and scheduling to productivity and quality improvement.


The Focus solution was first developed in a private vascular surgery office in the 80’s and 90’s.

Focus is designed around the workflow of the vascular and echo labs. It is intuituve and simple to use for all computer skill levels.

Over the last 7 years our clinical partners, a multidisciplinary team of echo and vascular sonographers, lab directors, hospital administrators, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists and neurologists, have helped us refine this comprehensive tool. The Focus system has been proven in various vascular lab settings while undergoing every day use in government and private hospitals, physician owned clinics and independent laboratories. In every install to date, the Focus system has proven to elevate the standard of care.

Frenel solutions is owned and operated by people who have spent their careers in your field. We understand the quality, productivity, business management, research and connectivity challenges that face us specifically in the vascular field. Our understanding of vascular lab complexities enabled us to continue to innovate and better develop solutions for your lab. As a result, you gain greater control, greater profits, and a great deal more time and understanding of the processes in your laboratory. The best feature of this product is the end result, the empowerment to improve the quality of patient care.

From streamlining the accreditation process, to proficiently reporting results,

Focus helps you achieve new levels of quality and efficiency.

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